Silvia Longhi


Silvia Longhi (1984) is a photographer based in Treviso, Italy.

After the degree in Multimedia Science and Technology, in 2006, she gets interested in photojournalism through an internship at the Associated Press photo desk in Rome. In 2007 she moves to Barcelona to work in a fashion photography studio. In Spain, she engages in humanistic photography focusing on intercultural dialogue and local traditions.

Since her return to Italy in 2009, she has combined the profession of still life / interiors photographer and digital retoucher with the investigation of cultural and social issues through reportage photography.

In 2015, she’s the winner of the scholarship for the Masterclass in Photojournalism and Reportage at the WSP in Rome.

Since 2018, she’s been working as content contributor for Tripadvisor Experiences as travel photographer.

Silvia Longhi a Montebelluna, TV, IT su Houzz
Silvia Longhi a Montebelluna, TV, IT su Houzz

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